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The best way to learn is by exploring


With Tumaker’s training, we’ll help you get up and running quickly. With a focus on practical learning, we’ll give you knowledge and advice from expert staff to help you develop all the potential for 3D printing in your organisation.


Grow your business by learning with the people who know the most

  • Get the 3D printing and design experience that you want and need.
  • You’ll learn very quickly in our practical interactive workshops.
  • You can contract personalised support, advice and training from Tumaker or from our authorised partners.
  • During training, you’ll get answers to your questions.
  • Together, we’ll explore the best way to optimise the quality of your prototypes and models.
  • We’ll work to inspire creativity in your people. Through learning experiences that are fun, exciting and collaborative.


Exclusive training

  • Contract exclusive private training or a workshop for your organisation.
  • You can have the session(s) at our facility or yours.
  • We’ll design training for you. Whether it’s for beginners, adaptation or comprehensive training.

Trust the experts

Is your organisation taking advantage of the opportunity that personal 3D printing offers? We want to share all our experience with you in the form of customized solutions that will help you to innovate and move to the frontline of the next industrial revolution. From advice and consultancy to strategy and implementation, our team – together with our partners – will work so that you reach your goals.



We help you to find the path

  • Adapting Tumaker technology for you
  • Complement your business with 3D printing
  • Include 3D printing in your value chain
  • Find opportunities for generating income
  • Bring your ideas to into the real world in the most effective manner and at the lowest cost
  • Stimulate creativity and accelerate innovation
  • Investigate new uses and technologies
  • Set your brand apart from the rest
  • Leverage our valuable experience in 3D printing



Accelerate return on investment with Open Source technology

  • We help you reduce costs and the time needed to reach productivity, achieve results and meet objectives
  • Maximize the value and use of Tumaker technology
  • You’ll integrate 3D printing into your organisation in the most profitable way
  • Set your organisation apart from the competition.


Revolutionise your innovation

We are an innovative company. We enjoy working and helping other innovative companies. Tumaker technology is a fantastic base for you to create your own solutions…your own technology. Revolutionize your innovation to give even more innovative answers to your challenges.



Overcome challenges with Tumaker’s digital manufacturing platform

Tumaker technology is a fantastic base for developing your most innovative ideas. Adapting our technology to create your own is a great, high-value opportunity for you and your clients.

  • We help you develop specific materials for printing in 3D
  • We design and develop specific modifications for you
  • We create and develop a specific 3D printer for you
  • We work together to integrate your technology into ours
  • Investigate new solutions with our help and technology



Create your own custom Tumaker lab

No matter the size or configuration you need, we will design and build a laboratory, a production centre, or the perfect solution for your organization’s 3D printing needs.

  • Build a farm of 3D Tumaker Voladora printers
  • Create your production system with the Voladoras
  • Manage and operate the system in a centralised manner
  • We design high-availability elements so that you never stop
  • We'll help you get trained staff to operate and maintain the system
  • We offer courses designed to maximise investment


Get in touch with us and we’ll show you all we can do for you.