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As large as affordable


The success of Tumaker BigFoot 3D large format printing stations is differentiated by the ability to create large objects including all the software and hardware required for your additive manufacturing processes. Fully integrated and optimized without having to worry about anything. Taking advantage of your time in a productive way and devoting your effort to what most matters. You can choose from three different sizes of BIGFoot. The three models share the production capacity of 500 mm in the X and Y axes, differing in height, being able to choose a large size of 200 mm, larger 350 mm or larger 500 mm.




Great details that make it unique



Your productivity is one of our goals. Therefore the Tumaker Bigfoot is able to heat and stabilize the temperature of both the base as print head ultra fastly. Faster up to 250%. It also includes a double extruder Tumaker E-MAXX to pull with guarantees and fluidity XXL coils  between 5 and 8 Kgr, ensuring the manufacture of long lasting geometries. All within a secure environment through the top and front door with security lock. We have also thought about its size. We have adjusted to keep a large volume of print in the smallest space possible, so that integrates seamlessly into any environment, from offices to industrial plants.





Tumaker Printernet. The network is the factory



Would you buy a computer without connectivity? What about a Smartphone or tablet? And a 3D printer? ... Neither do we. In fact we have created the technology that makes obsolete 3D printers known so far. The new NX HD is a connected 3D printer, thanks to the Tumaker Printernet technology * with which you can create your network of distributed, private and secure manufacturing in the internet and manufacture where you need it, what you need and when you need it . You can even connect the Voladora to other devices and robots as it includes the MQTT protocol.


*Available in Q4 2017








Details of high performance, that if they matter.




If you are looking for cheap technology, Tumaker products are not for you. If you are looking for performance, productivity, service and innovation, we have the best for you. It is not by chance. It is our original philosophy. That is why we manufacture in Spain. That's why we have the most consolidated and quality industrial suppliers. That's why the NX HD Flyers include the best professional software in the world to create your manufacturing strategies. That is why we have created innovations such as the Tumaker Dart Flux Variable Diameter Head, the Tumaker ANS system for 3D printing as always on the first day, or the next-generation Tumaker EMAXX extruders with an enormous force capable of moving any filament spool. Innovations with the sole purpose of creating machines for companies where performance, productivity, service and innovation have been the key to their success





Professional software to do more and better



Tumaker´s 3D printing stations include professional manufacturing suite Simplify3D ™. A software with advanced features and optimized to create more complex and more quality objects. It includes a powerful simulator to be more productive, displaying result of printing strategy of the object that you are working before starting to manufacture. You can repair imported designs in the same simplify3D and you will love the intelligent support option. A spectacular feature with which the software will create the right support for most complex objects or it will give you the ability to remove or add support where you want. An easy support removal that you will not want to use another, never.







Tumaker BIGFoot