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The first high definition 3D FDM printer.


The Voladora NX is now also HD. Thanks to its variable diameter head, in addition to the standard and thick-line diameters, you will now have the power to create high-definition geometries with an impressive 0.2-inch wire thickness. So you can take a jump in your strategies of additive manufacturing and choose to create objects with a similar dimensional and aesthetic unknown until now






Tumaker Printernet. The network is the factory


Would you buy a computer without connectivity? What about a Smartphone or tablet? And a 3D printer? ... Neither do we. In fact we have created the technology that makes obsolete 3D printers known so far. The new NX HD is a connected 3D printer, thanks to the Tumaker Printernet technology * with which you can create your network of distributed, private and secure manufacturing in the internet and manufacture where you need it, what you need and when you need it . You can even connect the Voladora to other devices and robots as it includes the MQTT protocol.

*Available in Q4 2017





Details of high performance, that if they matter.



If you are looking for cheap technology, Tumaker products are not for you. If you are looking for performance, productivity, service and innovation, we have the best for you. It is not by chance. It is our original philosophy. That is why we manufacture in Spain. That's why we have the most consolidated and quality industrial suppliers. That's why the NX HD Flyers include the best professional software in the world to create your manufacturing strategies. That is why we have created innovations such as the Tumaker Dart Flux Variable Diameter Head, the Tumaker ANS system for 3D printing as always on the first day, or the next-generation Tumaker EMAXX extruders with an enormous force capable of moving any filament spool. Innovations with the sole purpose of creating machines for companies where performance, productivity, service and innovation have been the key to their success.






Multiple 3D printers in one



Take advantage of all the potential and possibilities offered by interchangeable nozzles of different diameters. By making our 3D printing stations capable of making objects for a wide variety of applications. Interchangeable nozzles allow you to manufacture in high definition and quality, or create robust objects quickly. You can even use intermediate strategies or combined printing. We have nozzles with diameters of; 0.2 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1.2





The 3D printer lasts like a Rock.
that is manufactures in Europe.




Words are unnecessary. The NX Flyers are mythical for being almost indestructible.

Thousands of hours of 3D printing in the most demanding environments prove it.

And the best components manufactured and assembled in Europe make it a reality.





Voladora NX HD