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Looking for what was valuable for you, we found what you most care about.


You are one step away from taking advantage of the benefits that Tumaker’s technology provides to your business. The approach and the range of possibilities you will have are just as big as your perseverance and passion to reach the goals you propose to yourself. But we suggest four things to start off. Four scopes that you care about and that will make Tumaker’s 3D printing your next case of success. How about if we start with…?


  • Have the freedom and autonomy when it comes to creating.
  • Benefit from the agility to change and adapt to your needs in real time
  • Yo will have the capacity of having a faster answer.
  • Enjoy the opportunities to save money. Reduce time and costs in your processes.




Accelerate your business. Whatever it is about.


The digital to real transition has never been so fast and straightforward. Technology has never allowed to simplify, speed up and reduce costs and complexity in various companies and application areas:


  • Mecanizado de fabricación y utillaje
  • Mock-ups
  • Marketing and design
  • Functional prototypes
  • Post processes and finishes
  • Concept modelling
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Carcasses
  • Sensors
  • Final pieces
  • Medical manufacture
  • Etc. 

Build your path. We will come along with you.


Let’s develop your initiatives together. You lead the way. 1...2…3D let’s go. We will come along with you and help you be ready to go very quickly. With a very practical and useful approach. Without losing the focus, 3D printing can do a lot for you here and now. We analyse what you want to achieve and we provide you with knowledge and useful tips from our personal expert in order to help you develop the whole potential of additive manufacturing and professional 3D printing in your organisation.


Trust the experts


  • Obtain all the experience you need about design and professional 3D printing.
  • You will learn very quickly with our rapid deployment methodology.
  • You could hire us for personalised help, advice and training.
  • With our formative methodology, you will obtain the answers to your present or future questions.
  • We will explore the way to optimise your company’s processes together beyond the prototype.


Research and development that revolutionises your innovation: 

We are an innovative 3D printer company. We will never establish. There is always something to learn and improve. That is why we love innovation. The transition from an idea to something real, useful and valuable for people and organizations. We like to work and help other innovative companies. In this way, we collaborate with companies and prestigious universities and technologic centres with which we develop very innovative projects with our technology as base. If you have a high value and utility idea or challenge, Tumaker technology is an extraordinary base to put it into practice. Revolutionise your innovation by taking the first step. Call us.


Create your own custom Tumaker lab

No matter the size or configuration you need, we will design and build a laboratory, a production centre, or the perfect solution for your organization’s 3D printing needs.

  • Build a farm of 3D Tumaker Voladora printers
  • Create your production system with the Voladoras
  • Manage and operate the system in a centralised manner
  • We design high-availability elements so that you never stop
  • We'll help you get trained staff to operate and maintain the system
  • We offer courses designed to maximise investment


Get in touch with us and we’ll show you all we can do for you.



TUMAKER  ha recibido una ayuda para su proyecto: TUMAKER 2.0 – IMPRESORA 3D PARA MASS MARKET, ayuda subvencionada por la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa en el programa para el acampamiento en el proceso de creación y desarrollo empresarial: Anexo V: Apoyo a nuevas empresas de base tecnológica y/o innovadora que presentan unas grandes posibilidades de crecimiento y/o un modelo de negocio escalable.

TUMAKER 2.0 ampliará el público objetivo para los productos TUMAKER mediante el desarrollo de un ecosistema de impresión que, como elemento central, incluye una nueva impresora 3D de fácil uso para cualquier usuario, sin que requiera de conocimiento específico ni técnico para poder utilizarla. Todo ello teniendo en cuenta que una experiencia de usuario satisfactoria exige que tanto la impresora 3D, como todos los servicios y consumibles asociados sean robustos y a prueba de fallos.


TUMAKER  ha recibido una ayuda para su proyecto de Investigación y Desarrollo: ECOSISTEMA INTEGRAL DE IMPRESIÓN 3D PARA EL MERCADO DE CONSUMO (3D4ALL), ayuda cofinanciada por la Unión Europea a través del Programa Operativo FEDER de Crecimiento Inteligente 2014-2020.

El objetivo general de la propuesta es consiste en el desarrollo de un entorno de impresión 3D que abarque tanto el hardware (la impresora), el software (que será la plataforma de contenidos de impresión) y los materiales de deposición (los consumibles) desde un punto de vista integral, buscando el punto óptimo de funcionamiento de todo el sistema, no de cada uno de sus componentes por separado.