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We develop our technology by applying a simple but powerful product and relation logic. We believe in the power of the simplicity; in the common sense, because it always ends up proving that in technology and in life... Less is not only more, but better.  Before concluding into that, the growing sectors and their products tend to the complex, to the products with steroids, the overfunctionality. This products create overdimensioned expectatives accompanied by the subsequent frustration of the final client. Sincerely, I believe that the antidote is located in asking questions such as "What do I need from the technology?", and the answer is extremely simple. 



What a company need from the technology is

to improve the processes and productivity.

It's that easy. It's that essential.



Tumaker's 3D printers are developed by this base. Simplicity and excelence against complexity and mediocrity resulted from overdimensioned machines with excessive functionalities. Let us face it, with this kind of products we end up using a minimum percentage of their functionalities, moreover, the client assumes an extra cost hardly depreciable. Along with that, this technologies are complex and hard and the results take long to come, if they come.

In Tumaker we have the antidote. This 2018 we have made an important step to our mission. We have advanced in the developement of the Tumaker's technology as a modular platform to offer 3d printers on demand. We believe that it is the only possible strategy to provide excellent, affordable and versatile solutions. Not only simple and sturdy solutions, but also solutions to complex neccesities by combining moduls and technologies that allow having what you need in an affordable cost and with excellent results.


Jon Bengoetxea Zuriarrain, CEO of Tumaker 

More than a 3D printer, a fabrication platform



The fabrication hardware platform of Tumaker contains devices with different printing volumes. This way you will be able to adecuate your necessities in an optimal manner by enjoying different fabrication systems sharing the same platform. This is an excellent advantage of management and training because it allows your team to confront new uses with a minimal learning gap and to manage everything in a unique way.



Principal atributes



Capable of printing with multiple materials

Work for thousands of hours with barely any maintenance even in hostile environments

Manufactured in Spain with high quality elements and processes.



If it’s not connected, it’s not 4.0 industry

Process improvement

Distributed manufacturing, remote and transport of objects in real time.



Capability of creating different solutions to a wide range of necessities.

Response modules



We forego the accesory and focus on the essential

Affordable and competitive products

Possibility to enrich the offer by increasing the functionalities



With Tumaker you do more, and you do better.

The productivity is the result of the sum of the whole set.

We always look for the way in which your company makes the most of our technology.


On demand

Besides being able to buy professional 3D printers with a standardized configuration, Tumaker offers the first professional 3D printing solution on demand.

With a modular concept development, you will be able to define the additive manufacturing platform as you wish. This way, you will be able to respond to the different challenges that will come along.


Professional 3D printers on demand


You choose the 3D printer you need. Enjoy the technology that makes what it has to make in an excellent way. You only have to add the fabrication platform of Tumaker, moduls that adecuate your device to your specific necessities. 



Industry modules


Standard DART 3D printing (simple or double)



Tumaker’s DART head is recognized for its ruggedness and reliability. You will be able to manufacture objects for a wide range of applications, in high definition or quality, in a fast way and with a solid result thanks to its different diameters and immediate interchangeable nozzles.

You will be able to print one centimeter pieces with a 0.2 mm nozzles and big pieces with a 1.2 mm nozzle. You can also use intermediate strategies or combined printing.




Large Format 3D printing for flexible DD-Dart materials



The best head to create large structures with flexible materials. Manufacturing with elastic and flexible materials in large formats require precise extruders and that they avoid the uncertainty derived from pulling/pushes such materials. Tumaker’s  DD-DART is specifically designed for these tasks, guaranteeing the manufacturing of large geometries with flexible materials. Besides, it will allow you to work with specific materials that require Direct Drive technology.




GFR 3D Printing



Specific large layers printing head to create geometries with greater speed and capacity of sedimentation. With Tumaker’s GFR module, you will create larger and stronger pieces faster.




Head with liquid cooling

(Coming soon, end of 2018)



It allows printing of very technical materials that require very high temperatures and special conditions. It is silent, efficient and 100% metal. If your strategy requires high temperature printing materials, you will count on one of the most advanced solutions, ready to be used in places where air refrigeration is not enough nor adequate.




3D printing with ceramic materials and porcelain



3D printing in ceramic and porcelain allow to make the most of their great properties, like their great hardness, their resistance, their high refraction or its resistance to corrosion and abrasion and enormously simplifying their process of creation. Obtain a quality product in the most efficient way.


Pellet extruder

(Coming soon, end of 2018)



It does not use filament; it works with a direct extrusion technology of pellets. This way there is no limitation in the cuantity of mateiral, offering an unimited supply to create complex, big and heavy parts. 

On the other hand, it is perfect to scientists and lab work with few material grams because the material does not need any conversion to filament. Compatible with any thermoplastic of the market in an exceptional price without losing qualities, such as the Biomind C10, MEDICAL, 3D850 and many more.



Medical / Scientific Solutions


In Tumaker we offer custom machines for the most stringent technologies such us nanofibers and the printing of liquid materials.



Nanofiber 3D Printing, Novaspider



The proposal


Our value proposal is to offer highly advanced scientific equipment to produce random nanofibers and aligned microfibers in an automatic, controlled and monitorized way. Our equipment are the result of expert scientists’ knowledge and the great industrial experience of engineers, all along combined with our 3D printer manufacturing skills.




Advantages: Electrospinning


Nanometric scale diameter

Specific high surface (1-100m2/gr)

Affordable and simple process

High porosity

Wide material range

Possibility of combining several materials

Easy deposition over other substrates

Easy functionality


Advantages: Melt Electrospinning


Micrometric scale diameter
Specific high surface
Affordable process
High porosity
Mostly polymers
Does not use any solvents
Controlled deposition
0.02 mm respectability




Electrospinning is a very versatile technic to manufacture nanofibers. Polymers are the most common materials used because this process requires a relatively high viscosity dissolution. However, other materials such as metal oxides, carbon, metals and post - processed crystals can also be used. In the case of melt electrospinning, the used materials are polymers that do not deteriorate at the temperature required for its fusion.

The machine

Applications of nanofibers



Air and pollen filters - Sound insulation - Composed materials



Sollar cells - Fuel cells - Polymer cells



Drug delivery - Wound bandaging - Implants and tissue regeneration



Functional textiles - Wind protection - High breatheability - Antibacterial



Air filtering - Oil filtering - Fuel filtering - Liquid filtering


Protective materials

Protección térmica - Protección biológica - Protección química - Protección magnética



Micro - gallshouses - Plant coating - Agricultural protection



3D Printing of Liquid Materials


Tumaker's device


The 3D printing of liquid materials benefits the medicine world with the possibility of performing biomedical prints. Now we have developed a special 3D printer that is capable of working with bodies or different substances. Recommended for research in clean rooms.


Why liquid materials?

3D printing liquid materials is contributing to the growth of medicine with really cheap prices of DIY 3D bioprinters. A single open source mechanical pump design can generate savings for up to 800 million dollars in the long run, but most of the time this kind of printers tend to fail because of the lack of manufacturing knowledge of their constructors. In Tumaker we fight for the progress and we have gone a step forward. We have created our own liquid materials 3D printer; a rugged, trustworthy and affordable device that is able to exploit all the possibilities of this new technology.




Plunger head with syringe


In order to 3D print aqueous polymers we have built a plunger head with a syringe to assure the correct extrusion of the liquid materials.


Built-in computer and software setting


Tumaker will adapt the software parameters to the functionality of the liquid materials 3D printer so that the plunger head fits on the software in a proper way.


Heated bed


The heated bed will allow the user to experiment with different temperature transmissions in case they are necessary. The software will be set up to control the temperature manually.




Generation and transplantation of several tissues 


Such as multilayered skin, bone, vascular grafts, tracheal splints, heart tissue and cartilaginous structures


Development of high-throughput 3D-bioprinted tissue models


Due to their ability to mimic the spatial and chemical attributes of native tissues, three- -dimensional tissue models have proven to provide better results in investigation compared to traditional two-dimensional models.


Drug discovery


With 3D bioprinting drug testing is faster, easier, cheaper and cruelty free.




Fabricating 3D tissue models for pharmaceutical use plays a crucial role in efficacy and toxicology testing of drugs. It also accelerates the drug development cycle.



Distributed manufacturing


Connecting is key. Enjoy the benefits of the 4.0 industry and the capacity of creating new connected processes. The distributed manufacturing allows the user the possibility to print instantly whatever it is wanted wherever the user is.


3D printing cluster


Enhance your production capacity


More printers equal more equipment that will allow you to manufacture more and quicker


Print different materials at the same time


Reach the assembly process quicker than with just one 3D printer


Organize your departments in an efficient way


Manage responsibilites and allow each team to develop printing projects without waits or confusions


Offer a printing service to your clients


Enhance your business by opening it to new clients, gain more and make advantage of the 3D printers that you are not currently using


Enjoy a high availability


Even the best 3D printers require maintenance. If you only rely on one and it fails, the whole manufacturing capacity of your company will equal zero. However, a cluster of 3D printers will provide you long-term reliability


Control your printings through Simplify


With the Simplify plugging you will be able to send your printings to several 3D printers at the same time, therefore you will have total control of your equipment in real time


Thanks to last generation electronic devices and MQTT protocols we have integrated BIG Data and 3D printing to offer you the maximum efficiency. The Printernet module allows you to connect your 3D printers to a safe platform located in the cloud. From there you will create and manage your distributed network of Tumaker machines.

With Printernet you can share your cluster of 3d printers with every department, client or person anywhere in the world by managing the manufacturing resources in the most productive way.