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Additive manufacturing is here to stay. Our 3D printers allow you to reduce production costs greatly, produce custom parts in record time and forget the design constraints we find in manufacturing using molds.

We live a new Industrial Revolution. 4.0 Industry focuses its development on the interaction and connectivity of the company’s systems. 3D printers, as central elements of this revolution, cannot ignore this connectivity. If they do not allow connection, they are not 4.0 Industry.

The 3D printers of Tumaker ensure global integration in the company’s production processes. Our 3D printers are 4.0 Industry our large format 3D printers combine reliability, robustness and the requisite level to be part of our product catalog. These large format 3D printers are at the forefront of connectivity and integration in the production systems of today’s industry.

Large format 3D printers allow the manufacture of parts with a size of up to 125000 cm³ (500 x 500 x 500 mm) that can be assembled to form pieces of unlimited sizes. The popularity of the industrial 3D printer has increased in recent years thanks to the potential of these professional 3D printers for the manufacture of tools, auxiliary parts and even for the modification and customization of machinery.

We also find professional 3D printers for prototyping, which provide flexibility and again a marked cost reduction related to prototyping.

FDM 3D printers allow 3D printing of parts by means of deposition technology of molten material. The materials that allow 3D FDM printing technology are 3D filaments and, in our exclusive model of 3D pellet printer, the same pellet used in traditional plastic injection. Thanks to the pellet the ability to use materials in additive manufacturing is virtually unlimited. These professional 3D printers are much more versatile than DLP 3D printers.

Buying a professional 3D printer may seem like a difficult task due to the large number of 3D printers that exist in the market and the difficulty in discerning which is the device that best meets the present and future needs of its customers. In Tumaker we are specialists in 3D printing and advise you on the choice of large format 3D printer.

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