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The Additive Manufacturing Revolution

Indart3D is a cooperative boosted by young entrepreneurs dedicated to design and manufacturing of last generation 3D printers.
However, we are much more: Indart3D offers you the opportunity of going a step ahead from your competitors: the revolution of additive manufacturing has changed the way we do almost everything and it will evolve even more. For that, enterprises and industries will require technology, services and solutions tailored, accurate and professionalized.

Our Added Value

Experience: We have gone through the complex process of introducing a technology that was unknown until recently, being pioneers at that time; we have introduced its advantages to the business sector, almost at the same time they were getting to know the potential additive manufacturing. Now, thanks to our experience, this route backs us up and allows us to go ahead.

Personalisation: We consider that what a company needs from technology is to improve the processes and productivity. It’s that easy. It’s that essential. This is why we offer customized 3D printers. In addition to our Bowden, Direct Drive and pellet extruders, we provide excellent, affordable and versatile solutions combining modules and technologies that allow having what you need at an affordable cost and with excellent results.

visit us in www.indart3d.com

Indart3D S.Coop.Pequeña 
Gorostiaga 67, 20305 Irun
(+34) 943 943 855

Can we help you?

Contact our team of 3D printing specialists and they will help you with any questions regarding our products and services.

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