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3D printers with independent dual extruder

Tumaker Pro Dual
Direct Drive HR - Direct Drive HR

Double independent extruder

Tumaker Pro Dual


Double independent extruder

Tumaker Pro Dual
Direct Drive HR - Pellets


Double independent extruder

Tumaker Dual System


The dual material system has long since arrived in 3D printing. A system based on a head with a double material output that allows the combination of two different materials in the print. A system that, however, has serious shortcomings in terms of calibration, final quality of parts, mixing of materials, jams, …
Tumaker has once again redefined the 3D printing industry. The development of Tumaker’s DUAL system not only eliminates all these problems, it takes 3D printing to another level.

Dual Independent Extruders
Firstly, through the use of the dual independent extruder system. We are dealing with two heads that can move freely in the X-axis. In this sense, Tumaker incorporates two fully machined professional heads that ensure reliability over time by not incorporating printed components. This brings with it several significant advantages.

Tumaker PRO DUAL
-Mirror printing: we increase our productivity by being able to print two pieces at the same time.
parts at the same time
-Separation of materials: by not converging on the same head, the materials maintain their properties intact without being contaminated by different temperatures. In addition, we prevent the remains of one material from falling on the print being made by the other material.
the other material.
-Elimination of double jams caused by one of the two materials.

Modular Head System
The specific feature that sets us apart from the rest. Tumaker has a long track record of developing specific printheads for specific needs.
Our current equipment can work with different heads depending on the customer’s needs:
– Direct-Drive HR head: with direct extrusion allowing intensive use with flexible materials.
– Pellet die: a unique development that breaks down material barriers, allowing the use of self-developed, certified materials or materials that are not in the
or that are not available in filament format. The great revolution in the sector in recent times.
Thanks to this versatility in specific solutions, the Pro DUAL range allows the customer to choose the printheads to be incorporated into their printer.
Depending on the specific use of the equipment, the customer can choose between the following configurations:

  • Double Extruder Direct Drive HR -Direct Drive HR
  • Double Extruder Pellets – Pellets
  • Double Extruder Direct Drive HR – Pellets

And all this with four print volume options.

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