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About us

Developers and manufacturers of 3D printing solutions

Our Company

Tumaker was born around the idea of industrial innovation, focused on a 4.0 environment. Following the objective of achieving the perfect connection between the product and the user, our performance is focused on offering the best possible 3D experience.

At Tumaker we offer a wide range of professional 3D printers of our own development, 100% Spanish manufacturing, and of great international differentiation. Being the 4.0 Industry fully established, Tumaker encourages companies in the sector to achieve the best possible results.

We have been manufacturing printers for the industrial sector since 2014. In this period, we have achieved countless advances that have differentiated us from our competitors. In 2016, the BIGFoot line was the first professional large format 3D printer manufactured entirely in Spain.

In 2020, Rubén García, CEO of IT3D Group, Aitor García and Iván Sardón, CEOs of INDART 3D, acquired the brand rights, initiating a new era of unique 3D printers in the additive manufacturing sector. 

IT3D Group consolidates itself as a consulting entity for market demands to offer customized products and at the same time in charge of internationally distributing the Tumaker brand through more than 100 points of sale around the world. Additionally, INDART 3D maintains the research and development role, as well as the manufacturing of the most cutting-edge 3D technology on the market.

Both entities give rise to a unique collaboration in the sector that favors direct and two-way communication with our clients. In this context, Tumaker manages to offer total personalized treatment.

A New stage

Marking the path

From this union, state-of-the-art electronics are being included in our Tumaker 3D printer’s portfolio ensuring maximized performance and strengthened reliability. We completely transformed the pellet printing system, and we became the first international brand to offer a professional 3D printer with this technology.

In 2021, the DUAL range of independent double heads was launched on the international market, including three different types of heads (Bowden, Direct Drive, and Pellets), four sizes of printers with a maximum printing volume of 500x500x500 mm and up to 36 possible combinations to be chosen by the customer. This represents a revolution in the 3D printing sector given the multiple customization possibilities for each product. We offer specific solutions to meet specific customer needs.

In fact, the differentiation factor of Tumaker is the endless product customization that it offers. Our team of engineers deal with the user in the first person, which makes it possible to create 3D products that fit their needs.

Tumaker has always been characterized by offering the highest quality, reliability, and resistance in its entire range of products. We are aware that each client has their needs. For this reason, differentiation and personalized treatment are the main core of our philosophy.

Our great advantage is that we are manufacturers and developers of our 3D printers. Consequently, we have total control of the production chain of the equipment. Thanks to this, we can design and create a 3D printer from scratch to perform specific tasks to the maximum potential.

Choosing the production material, the printing volume, or the heads with which it is intended to work, allows the user to get a customized product with optimal performance.

Can we help you?

Contact our team of 3D printing specialists and they will help you with any questions regarding our products and services.
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