BIGFOOT PRO PELLETS: The evolution of 3D printing

On November 18, IT3D Group presented a new 3D printer. This time the launch has been in a big way, and never better said. These new 3D printers print with pellets and do so at a large size, reaching print volumes of up to 480 x 440 x 500 mm.

We all know the importance of additive manufacturing in the industry today. However, there are still few companies that are firmly committed to incorporating 3D printers into their manufacturing processes. One of the biggest drawbacks that companies argue for not incorporating this technology is the limitation in existing materials for 3D printing. But, that can change with the pellet.

And many of you will wonder, what is the pellet? The pellet is the initial format of the plastic. A format commonly used in plastic injection, with which all the filaments are manufactured.

Thanks to the exclusive extrusion system of the new BIGFoot Pro Pellets, we can print materials in large sizes, without the need for this material in filament. This represents great advantages in the use of 3D printing in the industry.The only multi-material 3D printer on the market

When we use 3D printing, we are used to analyzing the existing filaments on the market, in order to guess which filament is the most similar to our usual production material. But this is going to change, in fact, it has already changed. With the new BIGFoot Pro Pellets, you can use your own material. The material you work with in plastic injection processes.

You can break the barriers of the 3D market and use materials in our printer such as: Ultem, Peek, Polypropylene (PP), among many others that we detail at the end of this article *.

With the BIGFoot Pro Pellets 3D printer, we can use certified and approved materials for specific sectors or uses, as well as recycled materials. In addition, one of the advantages that we can enjoy with this 3D printer is that the Pellet is always cheaper than the filament, since we print with the original raw material. This makes many companies see in 3D printing with pellets, their safe bet for productivity, quality and the possibilities it offers.

Undoubtedly, 3D printing with pellets represents an evolution in the plastics sector and an innovation in the market.


Why chooses this printer?

Choosing this 3D printer is very simple, since it is the only professional pellet printer on the market. You will not find anything like it!


You are going to print with the material you want, materials that you will not find in filament, with working temperatures of up to 350 degrees. With the 32-bit processor, you ensure stability in printing and most importantly, you increase the speed. Also, the movements of this 3D printer are ultra-quiet, thanks to the innovative TMC2660 drivers.

Other reasons are very easy, it has comprehensive connectivity, its prints are reliable and of quality. And finally, increase your productivity. Besides you can choose the print volume that best suits your needs: 480 x 440 x 500 mm; 480 x 440 x 350 mm; or, 480 x 440 x 200 mm.





IT3D is strongly committed to 3D Pellet printers

IT3D Group reinforces its position as a benchmark in the field of 3D Pellet printers, thanks to the strong commitment to innovation and development that it has completed with the launch of this new model.

Bring us your material, whatever it is, and we will test it without any commitments. We invite you to join on this boat.



* Materials tested: PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX A93, WOOD, ABS + CF, PC, PA12 + FERRITE, PA12 + NEODYMIUM, Polypropylene (PP), PP + Mineral Filler, HDPE, PC 766M, PC + CF, PVC, TPU A52, TPU <A50, PA66, Catamold, Ultem, Peek, Grilon BK-30, VALOX Resin 357X, PPC 7712.

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