3D printing with Pellets. Tumaker and 3Dnatives Free Webinar

Currently, more and more companies are considering taking advantage of the benefits offered by Pellet 3D printing. As some of the greatest challenges facing companies are the material limitations associated with filament production, a major interest in using pellets instead has been observed.

Pellets are preferred in the industry and R&D sectors due to their lower cost as well as the wide range of certified materials available in pellet form but not filament. For these reasons Tumaker has developed a dual solution that allows fully customized 3D printing solutions using both pellets and filaments in one machine.

To learn more about pellet 3D printing, enjoy 3Dnatives and Tumaker webinar “Breaking Boundaries With Pellet 3D Printing” which took place exclusively on 25 January 2022.

In the webinar, Tumaker specialists Zoltan Matyas and Dr. Toni Iborra discussed the advantages of 3D printing

with pellets. In addition, Dr. Frank Jörg Clemens from Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology) presented his work and the benefits of handling 3D printing with pellets.

Webinar “Breaking Boundaries With Pellet 3D Printing”



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