Repsol is already making use of the Pellet Tumaker NX Pro

Tumaker continue to be involved in R&D. A large number of companies see this sector as an unprofitable unknown when it comes to investing. However, Tumaker is committed to supporting this environment and boosting their projects with our products.

The latest success case in the R&D field has been the consolidation of the Tumaker NX Pro Pellet Technology at Repsol. Repsol’s use of this technology is no coincidence. Never before has it been easier and efficient to handle this kind of materials.

Thanks to the possibilities of the TUMAKER 3D Pellet Technology, internationally renowned companies, such as Repsol, are finding solutions to their previous working methods. Moreover, processes that were previously cost-intensive and time-consuming are now becoming affordable owing to this production technique.

Why has Repsol chosen the Tumaker NX Pro Pellet 3D printer?

Repsol is committed to innovation as well as immersed in the synthesis of more sustainable and efficient materials, including polymers specially designed to be used directly as 3D printing pellets.  The fast development offered by additive manufacturing makes the 3D Printing Technology a production method that fits perfectly with the company’s  current and future vision.

Repsol has chosen the Tumaker NX Pro pellet machine with the aim of optimizing technical materials and seeking to innovate in the additive manufacturing field.  In its processes of developing new materials for the industrial sector, the Tumaker NX Pro Pellets offers Repsol an essential advantage. Thanks to its unique technology, material testing and optimization can be carried out avoiding the costly step of filament manufacture. In addition, pellet 3D printing opens up a range of possibilities never seen in the industry before. Working with materials that do not exist in filament format allows 3D printing with certified and FDA approved materials.

This advantage makes a difference. 3D printing plays a key role as Repsol aims to build a more sustainable, efficient and safer future for everyone.

3D printing with pellets for a wide range of sectors

Repsol is committed to the development of new polypropylene pellet materials for additive manufacturing. In this context, Repsol joins many companies that already use the nobel pellet technology in their daily practice.

Examples include the Materials Science department at the University of Vigo, which is currently working with pellets for biomedical engineering; or the University Institute for Engineering Research of Aragon (I3A), which is using this technology to produce biodegradable scaffolds that preserve the mechanical properties of bone tissue while the scaffolds themselves are degraded and absorbed in the body.

Tumaker specific solutions

The Tumaker pellet technology can be incorporated into the wide TUMAKER Portfolio, including large format printers (BigFoot), printers with dual independent extruders… The possibilities are endless.

Pellet materials emerges as an effective solution to the material limitation associated to filament printing. Being able to print with certified and aproved matterials that are not commercialy available as filament takes 3D printing to the next level.

Moreover, the specific solutions provided by Tumaker allow the user to configure the 3D printer itself depending on the intended use. In addition, the TUMAKER Dual 3D printers allow to combine bowden, direct-drive or pellet heads to create an unique customised 3D printer.

Innovation is a mainstay in today’s society. Consequently, Tumaker maintain their commitment to R&D of new technologies.


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