Tumaker printers with double independent heads are here. Up to 6 possible combinations

Just when it seemed that dual-material 3D printing had reached its peak, TUMAKER has arrived to take it to the next level.

Dual-material 3D printing has been around in the 3D world for some time now. To date, the most widely used dual-material printing system is the one that uses a dual head on a single fixed structure. This method, despite being a major breakthrough when it came onto the market, has many shortcomings. Calibration problems, low final quality of the parts, mixing of materials, jams during printing…

With the advent of 3D printing with double independent heads, double printing on a single fixed structure is no longer relevant. The introduction of 3D printers with double independent heads has turned the sector upside down. In the wake of this development, Tumaker has gone one step further. The Tumaker Pro Dual system removes the aforementioned impediments and expands the possibilities of 3D printing to unprecedented limits.

Tumaker’s range of 3D printers is the only one in the world that can be operated with two independent heads of the customer’s choice. The opportunity to combine the two heads of the printer depending on the use that is going to be given, is a before and after in 3D printing. In order to know in depth this new launch and its consequences in the 3D universe, we are going to highlight some important aspects.


Advantages of the double independent head

3D enthusiasts have long been calling for the addition of a 3D printing method with independent and combinable double head. Tumaker has several fully machined professional heads that do not incorporate printed components. This guarantees the reliability of the brand. The customer chooses the two heads of his printer, which allow unlimited movement along the X-axis. The wide variety of combinations provided by Tumaker makes it possible to meet the specific expectations of anyone interested in the sector. Double independent head brings with it considerable advantages:

Separation of materials. As different materials are not combined in the same die, they are not altered by temperatures that differ from the ideal ones. This means that each extruder handles each material in its optimum state. The properties of each material are maintained and printing errors are avoided. In addition, this system overcomes the problem of residues of one material falling on the print of the other material.

Increases productivity. It should be noted that in the Tumaker Pro Dual range the heads are independent heads. In this way, productivity is boosted as two parts are printed at the same time using two heads chosen specifically for this purpose. With mirror production, the printing time is reduced as both heads produce independently of each other.

Elimination of double jams in the 3D printer caused by one of the two materials.

Continuous and stable printing. Printers with this technology have a calibration system that allows base mapping to be carried out. This intrinsic feature in the Tumaker range ensures that the print always achieves the best results without manual intervention.


Variety of heads (Bowden, Direct-Drive and Pellets)

In order to meet the needs of its customers, Tumaker always tries to innovate and to focus on specific solutions. A differentiating feature of its printers is that they offer the possibility of working with different printheads depending on the customer’s intention. There are three printhead models which, as we will discuss later, can be freely combined. In addition to the Bowden and Direct Drive heads, there is the exclusive Pellet 3D printing technology. This latest printing method has come to change the industry and the materials used.

  • Bowden head : Ideal for high quality printing with rigid materials. Its traction system allows the use of large format reels weighing up to 10 kg. This head facilitates the production of hard and resistant materials.
  • Direct-Drive Head : The direct extrusion of this type of head facilitates 3D printing with flexible materials.
  • Pellets head : As is well known, pellet technology is a revolution in 3D printing. The pellet head allows printing with self-developed, certified materials or materials that are not necessarily in filament format.


Choose the heads for your 3D printer

The jewel in the crown of Tumaker printers with double independent heads is the wide range of possible combinations. The customer has the possibility to choose the heads with which their 3D printer will be manufactured. This is further evidence of the brand’s commitment to meet the specific needs of each individual. Get the maximum performance from your printer by combining the heads that best suit what you are looking for. Depending on the intended use of the product, you can choose from the following configurations:

  • Dual head Bowden-Bowden: With two Bowden heads you get a higher print volume in a reduced time and with high precision. This combination enhances the production of rigid materials.detalle-cabezales-Tumaker-dual-bowden-bowden
  • Dual head Direct Drive-Direct Drive: With this choice you experience maximum performance when it comes to 3D printing flexible filaments.cabezal-Impresora-3d-Tumaker-Dual-Direct-Drive-DirectDrive
  • Dual head Pellets-Pellets: Forget about looking for filaments that resemble a certain material. With two pellet heads, you can start working with your own injection moulding material, self-developed materials and certified materials. In addition, thanks to the variety of nozzle diameters, you can reduce costs and save time. Now with nozzles up to 5mm.cabezal-Impresora-3d-Tumaker-Dual-pellet-pellet
  • Dual head Bowden-Direct Drive: The Direct Drive and its ability to handle flexible filaments is combined with the speed and high precision of the Bowden. This combination opens up endless possibilities for 3D manufacturing.cabezal-Impresora-3d-Tumaker-Bowden-DirectDrive
  • Dual head Bowden-Pellets: The precision and speed offered by the Bowden head is matched by the variety of print materials of the Pellets. These two heads make the work much easier and minimise costs considerably.
  • Dual head Direct Drive-Pellets: Print with any filament and get the maximum performance from flexible filaments thanks to the Direct Drive. In addition, handle other materials in pellet format by shortening processes with the Pellets head. Get the most out of each head and achieve the desired results.

All these combinations are available in any of the four print volumes of the Tumaker range. The NX Pro Dual 3D printer and the three versions of the BIGFOOT: BF 200 Pro Dual, BF 350 Pro Dual y BF 500 Pro Dual.

In short, endless possibilities at your fingertips. Configure the Tumaker Pro Dual 3D printer to your liking and get the most out of your prints. Fully experience the new range of Tumaker 3D printers with independent and combinable dual heads at: www.it3d.com/en/

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